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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and should you have specific questions regarding your life's journey and where it may be heading or indeed looking for guidance in love and relationships, careers / jobs or just general life problems and circumstances and are not sure which path to take, I can certainly help you with the insight and guidance you seekand give you a clearer idea as to what the future may hold for you.


Please send your enquiries and questions to:

Email me at

Or phone me on Mobile 07834 950946

Please note that due to the laws and regulations of this land I cannot
discuss matters concerning pregnancies, babies or children, legal or
medical / health or financial gains ( ie lottery wins etc ).

Please also note that it is now stated by law you must be 18 years of
age or over and that all readings and advice of a psychic / spiritual
nature and all it's contents therein must be seen and regarded as for entertainment purposes.

I would be honoured to hear from you and all the very very best of
wishes for the future xx

God bless the light that surrounds you with love and faith and honour xx.

Tel 07834 950946




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